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commit 658ada6dd88620dc132cc1f57c42c9ba319630e4
parent 7d14a87e3c04fdf6a015f25a54a5df5e67cfd262
Author: Paco Esteban <>
Date:   Wed,  4 Jul 2018 15:59:12 +0200

We don't really need vim-go

nvim/.config/nvim/init.vim | 7++-----
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/nvim/.config/nvim/init.vim b/nvim/.config/nvim/init.vim @@ -67,11 +67,8 @@ augroup perftmappings autocmd Filetype python vnoremap <silent> <Leader>t :!yapf<CR> autocmd FileType python setlocal textwidth=79 shiftround " and for go ... - autocmd Filetype go nnoremap <buffer> <Leader>t :GoFmt<CR> - autocmd Filetype go vnoremap <buffer> <Leader>t :GoFmt<CR> - autocmd FileType go nmap <leader>b <Plug>(go-build) - autocmd FileType go nmap <leader>r <Plug>(go-run) - autocmd FileType go nmap <leader>i <Plug>(go-info) + autocmd Filetype go nnoremap <silent> <Leader>t :mark t <bar> execute'%!gofmt' <bar> execute 'normal! `t' <bar> delmarks t<CR> + autocmd Filetype go vnoremap <silent> <Leader>t :!gofmt<CR> augroup END " space bar un-highlights search noremap <silent> <Space> :silent noh<Bar>echo<CR>